Silver British Shorthairs

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As a breeder along with the focus of kittens with perfect health and outstanding temperament, I also work very hard to make sure they go to the right home... every kitten has its own personality and needs!

I would like to take this time to say a huge thank you to all who have purchased a kitten from me. Here are some pictures of the kittens happy, and in their new homes.

Jack!!! Thank you to the wonderful Mr & Mrs Falding (Worcestershire) for taking on this gorgeous boy!!

"We came across Holly via the Pets4Homes website. As soon as we made contact, we knew we’d made the right choice. Holly engaged with us immediately and kept us fully updated throughout the process and we can’t recommend her highly enough. Once the kittens were born, it was lovely to watch them grow and develop via periodic videos posted on Holly’s website from one day old until we picked up our boy. Holly’s set up and her attention to detail is second to none and the kittens are both beautiful and very healthy. Our Silver Tabby boy is a real delight. When we picked him up, Holly gave us all his pedigree information, family history and confirmation of 4 weeks free PetPlan cover. He arrived fully litter trained so we haven’t experienced any little accidents around the house. He’s happy, playful, confident, fearless, curious, a very fast learner and has been very affectionate from day one. If you want a beautiful Silver Tabby kitten, you won’t do better than to choose Holly.

Ateia!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Olia & Family (Stanford-Le-Hope) for picking us to breed your new addition!! Shes absolutely beautiful and so is your christmas tree! I hope she brings you lots of love and happy memories. Thank you for the stunning picture of her, i will treasure it forever.

Lily!!! Thank you to Mr Gaubran (Epson) for choosing us to add a new addition into your home. 

"Thank you so much Holly for all your help and advice with Lily, the whole experience has been brilliant, Lily is such a gorgeous kitten, intelligent, playful, sociable and a lovely calming companion. The love, care and attention you give your kittens is highly commendable and your support has been terrific"

Rocky & Cleo!!! Thank you to Natasha Wong (London Barrister) and your fantastic family for taking on these two beautful siblings. I hope they bring you lots of wonderful memories.

Jasper & Pipkin!!! Thank you to Mr & Mrs Carson (Solicitor, Middlesex)  and your wonderful family for choosing us!

"Having always wanted two silvery tabby kittens, what was paramount for me was the breeder we asked to help us and, specifically, the care and love shown by the breeder to the kittens’ parents. It took me a while to find the right breeder but in Holly, we were lucky enough to find the best there is. She cares so much about the welfare and happiness of all her cats and that shined through every step of the journey until we took our beautiful Jasper and Pipkin home with us in April of this year. They are happy, healthy and beautiful kittens which we owe to Holly and her total dedication to all of her cats and their kittens. We cannot recommend Holly highly enough, a wonderful experience from first contact, first meet up with our kittens and beyond; she’s always there if we have any questions"

Meeko & Maui!!! Thank you to the wonderful Zena (Basingstoke) for caring for these two so well.

"I cannot recommend Silver British Shorthairs and Holly enough. We have two kittens from her (each from different litters) and both are absolute angels. Their temperaments are gorgeous, they're super snuggly and just all-round amazing. We can't help but attribute this to Holly and her incredible love and attention during the first chapter of their lives. We were given updates from their birth right up until pick up and given tonnes of help regarding toys/food and equipment for the boys. Even approaching the six months mark, I still know I can turn to Holly if I need any feline advice! I'd give more than 5 stars if I could!"

Artemis & Meketes!!! Thank you to the wonderful Mr & Mrs Hopkirk (Berkshire)  for taking on these two beauties.

"Holly is truly an outstanding breeder who cares immensely for the well-being of her Queens and Studs. We registered in November and got our gorgeous bundles of fluff mid-April - she is incredibly popular and the wait can feel agonisingly long, but her kittens are most definitely worth the wait. I couldn’t believe how well trained they were - they knew exactly how to use the litter tray, they haven’t destroyed any items of furniture (yet) and they love to be held, stroked and they occasionally want to sit on our laps. Holly is always on the other end of the phone or email for advise. We are all so glad that we decided to wait for Holly’s kittens rather than go anywhere else, as these kittens/cats will be in our lives for a very long time. If I could give more to an 5 stars I would"

Keith & Kevin!!! Thank you to Guy and Family (Staffordshire) for taking on these two gorgeous boys! We hope they bring you many years of happiness and i look forward to seeing all the incredible photo's you post of them!

Cosmo!!! Thank you to Mr & Mrs Summerfield (Chippenham) for taking on this wonderful bundle.

"We have only had Cosmo for less than a week and he has settled in so well, hes such a gorgeous, gentle boy and we all love him to bits. I cant recommend Holly enough, her love for all her kittens really shines through"

Oscar!!! Thank you to the absolutely wonderful Nick & Sarah (London) for your dedication to the amazing Oscar! We love seeing his life events and having him back for holidays! He is truely outstanding and we love seeing how happy he makes you both!

Chester!!! Thank you to the wonderful Ms Collins (Chippenham) for taking on this stunning bundle.

"Chester was such a confident boy from the moment we got him home, he settled in so well quickly making himself at home. He’s been at home for a month now and we’ve had no issues at all, he has such a lovely temperament and hasn’t been fazed by anything new, he’s even enjoyed his trips to see the vets.

Chester is very loving and gentle and loves lots of cuddles. It really shows how much hard work Holly puts in to the kittens and parents before they leave.

Holly answered all questions I had very quickly even before our kitten was born, and put my mind at ease over everything.

As a first time kitten owner I couldn’t recommend Holly enough!"

Cooper & Cara!!! Thank you to the wonderful Heather & Family (Reading) for giving these siblings a fantastic home. Your feedback and pictures have been so appreciated and i hope they fill your home with love and laughter. 

Bumble!!! Thank you to Mrs Parker (Northampton) for caring for Bumble so well.

"I have waited for a silver black tabby male from Holly for quite a while. My wait was finally over yesterday when I collected my gorgeous boy Bumble. Well what can I say! The wait was so so worth it, and I would recommend anyone to wait for one of these exceptional kittens.

Holly and her team of volunteers are outstanding in the care of their cats and kittens they really couldn’t be better looked after. There is a reason why you have to wait for one of these special cats as they really are fabulous, just the best. Holly is a fantastic breeder so caring and very professional but also very friendly and bubbly, and always helpful. Bumble is an absolute dream he really is the most loving cat I’ve ever had and I’ve had lots! He is so very affectionate and very well socialised. If you are looking for a kitten with an amazing temperament, that is healthy and had the best start in life from a responsible breeder, as well as having fabulous markings and being totally gorgeous! , then do not look anywhere else but Silver British shorthairs. I am so lucky to have my beautiful boy 😻"

Daisy!!! Thank you to the wonderful Laura & Jack (Hampton) for taking on this stunning girl. Watching her grow up through social media is fantastic, thank you for the lovely feedback.

Misty-Hope!!! Thank you to the wonderful Bradbrook family (Bristol) for taking on this gorgeous girl, a tiny girl with a huge personality and so much love to share.

We’ve had Misty (aka Misty-Hope!) for a couple of weeks and she has settled in so well. She may be small, but she is very healthy and has a huge character! We love how affectionate and playful she is 😊

We are all so grateful to Holly and her team for the massive amount of work that has gone into her due to her low birth weight. We feel so protective of her and she is a treasured member of our family 🥰

Totoro!!! Thank you to Mr & Mrs Minall (Swindon) for taking on this gorgeous boy! The pictures are amazing, and i love that you have made friends with his brothers owners too! Fell so lucky that you picked us, keep the updates and pictures coming.

One soon became two when they returned for another bundle of joy!

Beau!!! Thank you to Ms Mansion (Cheltenham) for taking on this gorgeous boy and for the lovely feedback.

"We have a fabulous, well socialised kitten and this is all credit to the dedication of Holly and her volunteers. It is always nerve wracking getting a kitten from a breeder for the first time, and even more so as Coronavirus meant we wouldn’t be able to meet the breeder or kitten until the day we picked him up. However, by speaking to Holly I felt re-assured, We were kept informed of our kitten’s progress via text, photos and videos which was wonderful and we felt that we knew him by the time we picked him up. Holly was very good at responding speedily to texts and emails. This has been a wonderful experience, our kitten eats well is clean and very confident and is such a character. We absolutely adore him. He has only been with us for for nine days and I truly know the meaning of the saying that ‘cats have staff!’ I will definitely be getting another kitten from Holly (if he lets me!) 🤣❤️😻❤️😍🐾"

Georgia!!! A huge thank you to the lovely Amanda and Family (Swindon) for taking on the gorgeous Georgia. Wonderful to see how well and quickly she settled in.

Arlo!!! Thank you to the Beetham family (Cornwall) for taking on this gorgeous boy!

"We spent a long time searching for a silver tabby British shorthair. Holly’s website and facebook page is impressive and shows how stunning her cats are and the kittens they produce. The entire set up is 5-star; an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable breeder who clearly gives so much to her cats and kittens with an amazing home to match. These are lucky cats indeed and these kittens really do have the best start to life .

We reserved a kitten without hesitation and soon we received the news that we had a kitten from Chablis litter. Holly has been excellent at keeping us updated with messages, photos and videos throughout. It

has been such an exciting journey to watch our little kitten grow and despite COVID-19 Holly has worked tirelessly to ensure we are kept updated and informed and ready for our new addition.

It’s very clear that the cats health and well-being are top priority. The level of monitoring, love, care and attention they receive is quite remarkable and the effort that goes into these kittens is incredible.

Arlo has been with us just a few days and already settled in to family life like a dream. Happy, affectionate, confident and full of character, well socialised and litter trained. All of this is because of Holly, her team (and Chablis of course!)

Thank you, Holly, for being such a responsible, professional breeder and for being such a nice person to deal with. Your cats and the kittens you raise are a credit to you and your team of helpers. We thank you so much for allowing us to give Arlo a forever home.

If you are looking for a beautiful, well socialised, happy kitten then look no further. I highly recommend Holly and her gorgeous cats. In my opinion these are the best British Shorthair silver tabbies you will find."

Milo, Simba & Mittens!!! Thank you to the amazing Baker Family (Reading) for taking on not one... not two... but THREE of our gorgeous babies! Thank you for the update, its wonderful to hear they are all healthy and have settled so well.

Three soon became four when they returned for another bundle of joy!

Klaus!!! Thank you to Mr & Mrs Talbot (Wiltshire) for loving Klaus.

"We have had our beautiful kitten Klaus for almost a month now and couldn’t be happier with him. He settled in so quickly even though the house can be a little noisy at times with four boys! Klaus just fits right in he loves exploring the house, watching the boys play and just generally being around us all! I would absolutely recommend purchasing a kitten from Holly, Klaus is stunning and has a wonderful temperament.

Although we had to wait a little while for Klaus it was totally worth it and Holly has been brilliant at answering any questions. Totally recommend Silver British Shorthairs, great breeder, beautiful cats!"

Candy & Cookie!!! Thank you to Ms C Fabian & Family (Lincolnshire) for taking on these two stunning girls! Thank you for the pictures and feedback its great to see how well they and hear how wonderful they are growing . 

Tommy!!! Our Tiktok Star with hits of up to 70.4 million, owned by the incredible Shaan Renoo of London.

Mittens!!! Thank you to Mr & Mrs Heaton (Bristol) for giving Mittens a wonderul home and for your great feedback and photo

"Mittens has been an utter delight. She is so affectionate and settled in so quickly! Totally adorable and made this a Christmas to remember - Thank you xxx"

Beau!!! Thank you to Ms G Hopkins (Solihull) for taking on this gorgeous boy!

"A huge Thank You to Holly & her Team for my little boy Beau😻😻 Holly is an amazing breeder, she kept me informed throughout about the growth & health of Beau from birth until collection, followed up by pictures & videos.

Holly is very informative & is contactable 24/7 for any questions you may have. All kittens are cared for in the home & are handled and loved to an incredibly high standard. Full litter trained upon collection. I have had pedigree cats all my life but this boy is undoubtably the most affectionate playful gorgeous little boy I’ve ever had😻and it’s all down to his amazing start in life & hard work that Holly & her team have put in.

Anyone that is considering this breed of cat should look no further. I trust Holly 💯. From the start I was particular with what I wanted with regards to colour, markings & personality & she didn’t fail to produce. I have the perfect little boy who we all love & adore😻😻 In the future I will definitely be contacting Holly again for a play mate for our adorable Beau...

Thank You Holly once again, you’ve been outstanding x x"

Kinder!!! Thank you to Mr Jennings (Swindon) for returning to us to take on a second of our beautiful kittens!

Purcy!!! A very special thank you to Mr Mark Regan MBE (English Rugby Union Player) & his wonderful wife Mrs Maria Regan for choosing us to buy their new addition little Purcy! We absolutey know he will be loved and spoit by you both and your family and we look forward to regular updates on his progress.

One became two when the Regan family returned for a second bundle of joy!