Silver British Shorthairs


On the rare occasion that we have kittens available:

Our kittens are born in the home starting life in a dedicated kittening pen. They are handled from birth, with the aim of producing friendly, loving kittens with superb temperaments, outgoing personalities and incredible health. As they progress they can move into the rest of the house getting used to various everyday noises.

The first week of life is a mix of emotions. It's beautiful, filled with happiness, but of course comes with huge commitment and dedication. If you are waiting for a kitten from us, please be patient. You can see just how small and dependent these little ones are, and it is my responsibility to keep both Queen and kittens healing from birth, healthy, feeding and gaining weight.

Kittens grow fast, so it's very important for them to have a good quality diet, lots of love, clean litter, fresh water and their mothers milk in order for them to grow big and strong.

How do i become the owner of one of these beautiful kittens?

The answer to this one is simple, call us. A phone conversation or an in depth email gives us a good understanding of your expectations and dreams. We can also make sure we are the right breeders for you and you can make sure we are right for you it works both ways.

The kittens are ready to leave between 12 and 13 weeks of age and come with the following:

Fully vaccinated against cat flu & enteritis

TICA Registration

Four weeks free insurance.

A five generation pedigree certificate.


A Veterinary Health Report

A kitten pack with toys, food samples & general kitten information.

Pictures & information from the day your kitten is born.

Wormed and Flead

Vet Checked

Litter Trained/Scratch Post Trained

A deposit of £100 will be taken to reserve your kitten and a contract put in place to protect you. Terms and Conditions apply and customers have full access to these and our policies.

Your kitten(s) will have been wormed on panacur paste on a regular basis, come fully litter trained and be used to a variety of top quality kitten foods.

Our kittens leave our home in excellent health to the best of our knowledge. Should a kitten or cat become ill during its life time this is then YOUR responsibility. We cant control nature! Insurance is strongly advised