Silver British Shorthairs

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are mature students with an interest in animals. Many are studying Animal Management at Lackham or Cirencester College with the view to become veterinarians or veterinary nurses. We also have students who want to become zoologists and a couple of students who want to perform post-mortems with a future aim of eradicating certain viruses/diseases.

We have students who are completing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards where they are required to complete Bronze (Three months), Silver (Six months) or Gold status (One year). These students have a real passion for animals.

We also have volunteers who simply love animals and dedicate their time for the love of the British Shorthairs… let’s face it, what’s not to love about this incredible breed.

What do our volunteers do? Above Courtney (Left) and Tegen (Right) are learning how the cattery itself was built. We decided to make the Queens private space bigger with more areas to jump, scratch and play and our volunteers jumped at the chance to help us and learn.

Katie above has a real passion for cats and kittens and has been with us many years. She is calm and gentle and the kittens enjoy cuddles with her every week.

Above Amber (left) and Chloe (Right) were enjoying spending time with Dumbo the first kitten born in 2019's kitten season. Here they were learning about the birth, how the mother is protective over her kittens, how she carries them safely, how a kitten successfully latches onto the mothers nipple to suckle, and of course having cuddles while mum had some food and water and a rest!

While newborn kittens are beautiful, the adults are just as important. Our volunteers spend lots of time making sure their private spaces are clean, the litter trays are changed six times per day, food and water is topped up and fresh, bedding is washed every other day or more if needed. The volunteers learn how to care for our cats and meet all their needs, they learn how to groom them, handle them, give medication i.e. worming tablets, scatter feed, keep their living conditions is immaculate condition, and how to provide each cat with sensory toys to stimulate them. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Above is Luke who attends the cattery with his older sister.

Courtney (above) is our cattery assistant. She has fully qualified with a degree in Animal Management while with us.

Our volunteers learn a huge amount about adult cats and kittens of all ages, they learn maturity, responsibility and here are a few examples of tasks they carry out:

  • Bottle feeding kittens and making up kitten formula
  • Weaning kittens onto solid food
  • Handling kittens and adult cats correctly
  • Grooming
  • Kitten play and adult play
  • Scatter feeding
  • Keeping litter trays clean
  • Providing fresh, clean drinking water
  • Normal reactions to vaccinations
  • Abnormal reactions to vaccinations
  • Cats and kittens coat conditions
  • Any unusual behaviours
  • Creating a safe and clean environment
  • Pet safe cleaning products and paints
  • Sensory toys
  • Fun toys for kittens
  • Helping a kitten use the litter tray where needed
  • Giving medications such as eye drops, flea preventative treatments and worming treatments and the importance of these

Here is what our volunteers think about us

Jasmine Jordan

I volunteered at Holly’s cattery for over a year during my time at cirencester college whilst I was studying animal management. Since then I have now finished uni and am now a fully qualified registered veterinary nurse.  The cats are cared for better than any other cats with breeders or in catteries as they have multiple people looking after them all day every day with a high standard of care provided.  My time at the cattery and communication with Holly was very positive and I enjoyed volunteering there.

Elaine Snowden 

"Joining Silver British Shorthairs team of volunteers has been a wonderful experience, I have always been a cat lover and was looking for something to dedicate my time and cuddles to, I am a recent member to the team and loving every minute. The cats are just delightful, loving and full of purrs and so beautiful, each one has different markings all of them are stunning. All the team are dedicated to looking after and caring for the cats in any way they can, we have hours of fun, cuddles and chats - they answer back in their own unique way of purrs and nose rubs. I love seeing the different nature of each cat. Sangria is a loving mum to her new kitten (we have named him Dumbo) who is a ball of fluff and now full of cuddles and milk. Oscar is the male of the gang, he has his own Royal Palace beautifully designed and built by the owner. The girls all have their own homes kitted out to a very high standard. I look forward to my time with the cats it's lovely to get to see them so happy in their environment."

Jai Boyce

I worked there as a volunteer for a few years and i can honestly say i had a very positive experience while working here. At the time i was working here i was struggling with my mental health and holly was always very supportive and caring. The cattery used to be the thing i looked forward to in the week. When i first was introduced to the cattery i was anxious and confused but not only was I taught what i had to do but there was also manuals on what needed to be done within my shift , this was very helpful it included what needed to be done per shift and details on how to do everything, anything i was unsure on i would ask holly, david, or courtney and they where always more then happy to help. While working at the cattery i learnt alot i learnt how to handle cats and kittens, i learnt about weaning kittens and weighing cats and kittens i also learnt how to medicate cats.

Ive not known any cats to be so well cared for and the truth is these cats are well and truly pampered. The cats are regularly brushed, they are kept clean, they have regular accsess to food and water, they are well exercised and their home is regularly maintained, not to mention the ammount of toys that these cats have. They had everything from lazers to ribbons. On top of that they get affection from the volunteers.

Ive also spoken to people that have brought cats from holly and they all say how happy they are about their cat not to mention the care they have seen volunteers provide.

As someone who has volunteered at the cattery i cant fault anything with the cattery or with the management. And if im honest if i decide to get a cat in the future i will probably get one from here just because i know that it will be in the best possible health and would have had a great start to its life.

Hannah Saint

I worked with Holly for almost 3 years and I have to say she is the best boss/friend I had she help me build my confidence and taught me so much she gave me the opportunity to work with so may different people and helped me develop skills to use in the future. Holly is always there to help you when you need support or to talk. She is always there to lead you in the right direction and gives so many a safe haven to relax and be happy. I love how much passion and love she has for all her animals.

The cattery also give young people like myself a chance to learn and gain experience whether or not its work experience for a qualification or just a place to relax and find yourself.

I have nothing but good things to say about the cattery I loved every second. All the cats are well cared for and we always make sure all the cats have a chance to come out play and get cuddles multipletimes per shift, they have the best foods, best vet care and the boys have great outdoor pens with plenty of places to get out of the rain and heated comfy beds. One of my favourite things was sitting outside stroking the boys before going the feed the kittens. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and the cats.

Jenny Ucar

"I decided to volunteer at the Cattery as thought after not being in work for a while and caring for a daughter with special needs, it was something that could fit into my lifestyle more easily. It also is something I knew I would enjoy as love animals, and adore cats. The Cattery has helped me with gaining confidence in handling animals, training volunteers and meeting new people. It has given me a sense of achievement by caring, nurturing, exercising, entertaining cats & kittens, along with working as part of a team and helping out when needed. Working at the cattery has made me feel happier and more content. The cattery has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere where it is warm and welcoming with familiar sparkly cat’s eyes staring at you to greet you as you open the door. There is also an Amazon Alexa system installed that you can use to play music which cats and humans alike can enjoy. The cats are adorable, beautiful with striking markings; they have friendly temperaments, patient and gentle. They all have their own personalities and enjoy being pampered. The kittens are a joy and mischievous extremely cute and loving balls of fluff"

Emma Day

"I volunteer with my two children and the experience is very fulfilling for us as a family. The children are home educated, and my daughter especially wants to work with animals when she is older, so this is a perfect first step into what it's required while working with animals. The opportunity to let them have the responsibility to look after animals is fantastic for their development as young people; they have learnt caring for animals, cleanliness skills, time management, emotional control and it helps us as a family bond over achieving a goal for the care of someone/something else. We all love seeing all the cats every week, and seeing their different personalities and the love they have to give back when they are being cared for. It's a beautifully run cattery with a complete family feel, while upholding high professional standards."

Liam Ratcliffe

I volunteered for Silver British Shorthairs for 1-2 days a week over a year while I studied Animal Management at college.

From my experience at the cattery and compared to others I've been to I do feel Holly provides good facilities for the cats. They are healthy, fed premium good food and if any become unwell (which will naturally happen when working with a lot of animals and is not a sign of bad welfare) Holly will very promptly take them to the vets. Holly also ensures the cats find a good home when they have finished their breeding seasons.

While I volunteered their on multiple occasions Holly would spend all night awake looking after an unwell cat or kitten.

 On an occasion she (Holly) even took me to a cat show and paid for a nice meal out for me and some of the other volunteers which I am very grateful for. Overall I personally had a positive experience volunteering for Holly and just wanted to share that.

Amber Wilmore

I volunteered here at Holly's cattery years ago whilst I was at college and completing my animal management degree. It was the perfect place to gain some experience in the field, as well as filling in the hours needed for my course. I remember reaching out to Holly to ask if I could volunteer and she has and always will be nothing but polite, kind and professional.

The cats have gorgeous individual pens in two separate larger pens separating the girls and the boys. During the year I volunteered here, constant renovation was done in order to make the cattery the best it can be.

Volunteers would be in and out these pens pretty much all day cleaning them, making sure the cats/kittens were fed and ensuring they were healthy and happy. If any of us ever felt there was something wrong with any of the cats or if there was a malfunction in the pens, we would feel more than comfortable sending Holly a message which she usually responded to within 5-15 minutes and she would do everything in her power to make sure things were sorted.

I would always be more than happy to recommend Holly to other potential volunteers and to people who want to adopt a kitten. She's just a lovely, down to earth woman with a business she runs well in an industry that she clearly deeply cares about! 🐱❤️

Katie Rodgers

During the pandemic I had the pleasure of volunteering at the cattery every Saturday. This was for the completion of my DofE award but I ended up staying a little longer because I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. First of all, clear rules were set to ensure everyone's safety, and these regulations were followed by everyone in the cattery, which made me feel very comfortable and reassured. I made great friends that made me smile and I still talk to some of them now! Everyone who worked or volunteered at the cattery was so lovely and welcoming, and it was a place that made me feel at ease. The treatment of the cats was of a very high standard and they were definitely all happy kitties 😊. I remember how they all had their own cheeky personalities and they were always so relaxed around us! It was always exciting when there were kittens and I remember when Koto joined the cattery, he was such a softie! If this doesn't show what an amazing environment the cattery is, I don't know what does. Thank you for allowing me to volunteer with you and I wish you all the best! xxx

Chloe Pullen

"The cattery has helped me communicate with others and has helped me to push myself further. The cats are extremely friendly and are really calm around all types of people. Inside the cattery is warm and clean. No one is judged in the cattery and everyone is welcome." 

Tyler Bourne

"Having started my Silver Duke of Edinburgh award, I feel the cattery has given me a new experience in animal care and welfare which to start with was completely out of my comfort zone, but upon attending the cattery soon I realised that cats are really lovely, playful animals that you quickly develop strong bonds with. The cattery has helped me develop a love for cats and has given me new perspectives on animals. It has given me experience in a working environment, leadership, being a problem solver, helping others know the works and overall giving the kittens what they need to assist them into their future lives."

Zoe Mead

I’ve volunteered for almost 4 years now and you Holly are simply wonderful. The cattery is immaculate, the cats are so happy and well cared for. You deserve every part of your 5 star license and the charity work you do is commendable. I’m so grateful to be part of something so special and I’d recommend you to everyone who loves animals.

Molly Starmer-Evens

“I have been volunteering for the cattery for just over 4 years. I enjoy working with lovely animals and with a lovely bunch of people. I have learnt so much and the owner is lovely, so friendly and always there to help if needed. Courtney trained me when I first started and has taught me well. I hope to carry on working at the cattery, meeting new cats (which are so adorable) and learning more new things, my younger sister has just joined the cattery as a volunteer with one of her bestfriends and they love it as much as i do.”

Jade Farrell

I absolutely love coming to the cattery every Friday, it’s always nice walking in and seeying all the cats greeting me with meows. The cattery itself is perfect for them, they have loads of space to roam inside and out, all the other volunteers are so nice aswell, I’ve learnt loads of things about the cats/cattery and made loads of new friends aswell. Holly is such a nice person ❤️❤️ x

Clair Stevens

My daughter has volunteered with you since November for her Duke of Edinburgh and has loved every minute of it, there have been times she couldn't make it and you never complained I have only met you once or twice one time being when you come to tell us parents how brilliant our group was you were friendly and the cats are so well look after you are all doing a great job my only was problem was Dana wanted to bring them all home as she loved them so much and is looking forward to doing it again soon we don't live in Swindon so travelled or my daughter would have stayed on with you longer.

Honey Weaver

Myself and my friend worked at the cattery for over a year and a half and I can’t thank everyone enough for being so welcoming and how incredible holly was. I don’t think I’d ever have anything negative to say about the cattery as I’ve made friends from there, gained a lot of confidence in trying new things and felt I gained a lot of trust from holly and the rest of the family. I’ve never seen such a positive environment.  I loved working as a volunteer and seeing how wonderfully treated the cats were. So thank you so much  💖💖

Fernanda Dalceno

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the cattery, and I can say with certainty that they are treated very well, and all the volunteers I've worked with are great people! The work at the cattery is serious and everyone involved is responsible! I could never have seen cats as well cared for as I saw them in the cattery! Holly is exceptional and has a lot of love for what she does! Holly I'm with you! You have all my support! I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you! All your passion for cats must be recognized!  Feel yourself hugged! 😻❤️😽

Kerry Lillycrop

I volunteered at the cattery for 2 and a half years pre covid before changing work commitments meant I had to stop.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The cats are and always will be Holly's top priority. They have a fabulous life and they don't want for anything.

It was never an issue if I couldn't make a shift as life happens every now and again.

I always found Holly McManus to be caring and approachable along with her husband David.

The cats and kittens are truly spoilt at the cattery, many could learn a thing or two from seeing how passionate everyone is.. xx

Carol Wyatt

I have volunteered at Holly's cattery for some time now. The cats are very well looked after. My grand daughter also volunteer's and she loves it. I find Holly and Courtney very approachable, they are always willing to help in any circumstance. If any cat has a problem then one of them are very quick to respond and treat if needed. A great opportunity for anyone looking to work with animals or for DOFE.

Joey Simpkins

I have done my DofE Bronze and Silver volunteering and skills at the cattery and have been attending for about 2 years until I left at the start of this year.  I have truly enjoyed my time here. It is a safe place and great experience for all lucky enough to volunteer here and all of the cats are lucky to have the life inside here.  xxx

Lilli Starmer-Evans

I used to volunteer in the cattery and i am starting up again, holly is wonderful i have the best time in there, holly treats the cats with so much care and was helpful when i needed help. ❤️

Natalie Marie Alfred

I saw a post on Facebook asking for volunteers at the Cattery.

I suffer with complex PTSD and severe depression and anxiety, I didn’t ever want to leave my house, I would have panic attacks every time I had to go out.

Finding this advertisement and getting in contact was a big thing for me to do. I went for a look around and met everyone, I was made to feel welcome and very at home instantly.

Being around the cats is awesome and makes me feel calm, I feel my anxiety melting away. Holly has got an incredible set up for the cats, I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s huge, there’s air con, the cats have heated beds for the cold months, the cats are so chilled out and friendly.

When I’m there I feel calm and having new friends is cool too. It’s fun, we have a laugh and chill with the cats and the kittens.

Holly is so down to earth and they really care about the people who volunteer for her.

It a place I really enjoy being.

Jayne Boulton

My daughter and her friends volunteered at the cattery and it was a wonderful experience for them. They loved being with the cats, and it also gave them some responsibility. The cattery was always clean and well managed, and the cats were definitely out for exercise a long time and got plenty of love and attention and are well cared for.

Courtney Marie

Such a brilliant business! I use to volunteer here and everyone is so kind and welcoming .Great place to get experience working with animals. Always clean and animals are always being socialised I may return in the future once my little one gets bigger🥰

Lisa Starmer - Evans

My daughters Molly Starmer-evans and Lilli Starmer-Evans volunteered here and I must say how wonderful Holly is. They both loved it so much. Holly made me feel so welcome too when I went in to help my girls. Cats are well looked after and are absolutely adorable, the kittens i just wanted to bring home 🙈. You are a wonderful person xx

Pheobe Simpson

I volunteered at the cattery for around 18 months and it was wonderful,it allowed me to develop many skills such as confidence and communication which helped me later on in jobs and life. The cats were always very well looked after by Holly and the other volunteers who I had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you so much Holly for the opportunity that you gave me 💜

Clare Lane

My daughter volunteered here for three years, Chloe loved the cats,kittens and gained a wealth of experience which in turn has helped her apply to peruse a career in veterinary medicine, Chloe loved her time here and formed a close friendship with her fellow volunteers. Holly has kindly given her a lovely reference and we wish the cattery all the best in the future.

Sophie Buss

I am currently doing my D of E at the cattery and i find it a very positive and safe environment. The people there are very friendly and the cats are very well looked after. I have enjoyed the few months i have been coming here.

Isabelle Fiddes

I volunteered for the cattery years ago before I started working which helped me massively. I learnt so many values like teamwork which I still use daily today. I made some great friends and most of all helped look after such amazing cats I loved every second♥️

Izzy Metcalf

I have volunteered with Holly for almost a year now and there have never been any problems. If any cat is ill, they have always taken action quickly and I truly believe the welfare of the cats is their biggest priority. I believe everyone involved is considerate and truly grateful of all the work the volunteers do. If I ever had any problems, they were nothing but helpful.  Holly has always been amazing :))

Kyle Stanley

I loved my experience here, the cats were always happy and well looked after. A cattery and breeder like no other :)

Victoria Clarkson

I volunteered at the cattery for a year and a bit a couple years ago and honestly I loved it so much, it’s such a lovely place with amazing people. I learnt so much, gained more confidence and met some amazing people. There is nothing bad to say about Holly and her cattery. She is an amazing person and she cares for her cats and kittens which are truly well looked after.  You’re doing an amazing job ❤️

Eleanor Jones

I volunteer here and can confidently say that Holly cares for her cats and kittens and they are always well looked after. She has always made us feel so welcome,  safe and cared about. This is a great place to gain life experience.

Mia Tarrant

I’ve volunteered at the cattery for almost a year now and have enjoyed it so much. I’ve met so many lovely people and learnt loads about the cats. I always feel supported by Holly and the rest of the team and have never felt worried to approach them about anything, it’s clear to see that Holly has such a passion for the cats and provides the best care for them. All tasks are fully explained to us for both our and the cats’ safety and we spend all of our time at the cattery playing and interacting with the cats. I always look forward to coming to my shift and it genuinely makes me so happy. I’d just like to say thankyou Holly for giving me this opportunity to volunteer and spend time with your beautiful cats.

Amy Tingay

Hi Holly.  My son has been volunteering for a few weeks now for his DOFE, and has always enjoyed it. I myself have done a few shifts with him, and found it to be a lovely place, clean, tidy and well organised. Courtney did our induction and was friendly and welcoming. We are very grateful for this opportunity.

Hope Hedges

I've been volunteering at the cattery 5 months now. I love coming every week and the cats are very well looked after. I am quite introvert  but I have met many incredible friendly people Holly being one. As I'm doing DofE I had to choose a place to volunteer and I would never change my decision I love the cattery and the cats and it is clear as day that everyone I have volunteered with feels the same.

Abi Winsor

I volunteered here for Duke of Edinburgh and was always welcomed and appreciated. Holly always dedicated her time to the kittens and cats - and to the volunteers too so that the cats always had the best care. We were ALWAYS given advice and ALWAYS told to allow each of the cats plenty of time to exercise and get fussed🥰 When I volunteered during the winter months, Holly always made sure she took extra care with the temperature in the cattery. Holly provides the best food for the cats and when there were kittens I was taught to wean them. She loves all of the cats and it’s blatantly obvious. It was a lovely place to volunteer and a memory ill keep with me forever, Take care of yourself Holly - you’re doing an amazing job x

Katie Hines

Was a volunteer for nearly 4 years, it helped me learn so much about cats and prepared me for having my own cats. Working there was truly the best experience I’ve ever had and in those years I have never had anything negative to say. All of the cats are beautifully cared for and loved, they’re well exercised and you can see that they are the centre of everyone’s world who goes there. I remember once I was having a really hard time with my mental health and going to the cattery helped so much, not to mention how Holly helped me.

Jordan Rogers

I've been volunteering here for a year now and absolutely love it. It has helped with my ongoing anxiety, raised my confidence and I have gained more knowledge about kittens/cats. The cats are very well looked after, given plenty of attention and any potential issues are dealt with swiftly. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something to do or wanting to gain experience working with animals.

Rachel Fear

My daughter and her friends volunteered here for their Duke of Edinburgh, they had nothing but good to say about the cats and people they volunteered with. They loved the cats and loved the fact of doing the tasks, they then had plenty of time playing with and cuddling all the cats. Keep doing what your doing Holly, its fantastic for everyone.

Lucy Jones

Me and Lacey enjoyed our time with the cats and was never made to feel anything other than welcomed x

Emma Bayliss

Just so you know, it was Madisons second week of volunteering today, and she came home yet again full of smiles and couldn’t stop talking about what a great morning she had.  You and your army of supportive friends are wonderful and I for one am more than happy for Madison to help out as it brings her so much joy doing something she loves so thank you, and the explaining you did today was very much appreciated 💕

Bonnie Hedges

After coming in and seeing the cattery and Hope coming in to volunteer each week i only have good things to say. Hope has told me only good things and she absolutely loves coming to see the cats each week. They are clearly looked after.  They are beautiful and the whole cattery is something to be proud of.

Gherlie Dunn

We are behind you Holly,  Ryann said that he loves volunteering and you are all very supportive. He said that he will continue to volunteer as he is so fond of the cats and said that it is therapeutic and well looked after.  Sending u lots of love and positivity🥰

Jodie Litten

Me and my son have been volunteering at your cattery for just a short ammount of time but already we feel so welcome and helps the both of us so much. I have never seen my son so content when he's helping out . We both send our support and love to you and the cattery and hope to be with you a long time.

Medina Hopewell

Holly you  have been so welcoming, I enjoyed the last few years on Tuesday afternoons with Elaine Snowden and lots of cuddles and unconditional love from Malacca when I was sad, I do miss her cuddles,they all are beautiful calming and friendly we know how the cats are kept how clean and how many times they are let out for runs in the catio , your place is spotless.

Jo Fuller

 You have all made my daughter and I feel welcome and we feel valued as volunteers for you. You can see that the cats are well looked after and loved, and that everything is done with the cats wellbeing in mind. You have always made time for us and made my daughter's day when you let her interact with the new kittens in the house a while ago. She has learned so much and counts down to what we call 'Caturday'.

Callum O'Sullivan

You do a great job with the cats they have a lot of love some great food and the Cattery has Aircon to keep the cats at optimal temperature throughout the year. They are such lovely cats and very well looked after and volunteering has helped me and gave me a purpose.

Teresa & Andy Farr

I joined you many years ago, when going through a terrible time of bulling at work and this took its toll and impacted my health - from the moment i was told to contacted you, my life improved - i got confidence again, i learnt new stuff , i made new friends, you have encouraged all i do now - the cattery gave me purpose again - You were very honest about everything involved in being a volunteer with you - the cats welfare, work and lots of fun and kitty cuddles.

You give a lot of trust to the people you give the chance to be part of the cattery and a place for everyone to get something back that helps them - you are a star and loved by so many, never doubt what a wonderful person you are - love you xt

Amy Lovelock

I volunteered at your cattery with a few friends between 2017-2019 and I never had a bad word to say. I always felt welcome there. The cats were very healthy and exercise was frequent. Their diets were very nutritious and the cupboards were constantly full of cat supplies for us to use / clean the cages with. I can honestly say I have never seen happier cats . Going there after college was like a safe space. The cats are healthy and happy and you were so so so kind. I remember a book being there for the cats records . E.g their exercise routine / food requirements etc . So we always knew how to perfectly look after them .

Sending my best wishes and love ❤️

Rebecca Oates

I've been with u for over 2 years now and trust me I would not still be at the cattery if it wasn't an amazing, kind place to be. You, your team, the amazing volunteers you have working, and how happy your cats and kittens are a pleasure. Keep doing the amazing work you do, you have an army of supporters we've got this as a team!

Karen Warner

Sam was with you for over 2 years, first for his DoE but then after he completed this he stayed as he enjoyed his time at the cattery so much. His time with you really helped him grow as a person. Sending you lots of love 🤗 xx

Lisa Busson Smart

Millie and Carly can’t thank you enough for all the support and experiences you have given them so thank you so much people who know you and volunteer there know what an amazing place it is x

Tamara McCaffrey

 I would like to thank Holly for the amazing experience I had when I volunteered here a few years ago. I was not mentally in a good place and both Holly and the cats helped me get through it and into a much better head space. I witnessed first hand how well looked after all the cats are as well as how much each and every one of them mean to Holly. The cattery itself was clean and well looked after - since I have left I know it has undergone massive changes that look amazing! I was gutted to leave however had to due to work commitments. 100% recommend.

Charlotte Simpkins

My son volunteered at your cattery for a long while and loved it. It has set him up wonderfully and we will always be so grateful. 😘😘

Josie Bell

 During my time at the cattery i only ever saw the cats treated with love and care, adult cats are never 'bred back to back', the male cats sleep in luxury pens with heated beds, many levels and have so many toys. The cats are happy and spoilt rotten. This is the place to go to experince working with animals.

Chloe Oakford

The Cattery is a good pathway into looking after animals, allows you to learn responsibility and care whilst having fun! Holly was always friendly and happy to answer any questions you had.

Michelle Blow

We volunteer and we love it! Please, please keep doing what you are doing. Sending you lots of love ❤

Jennie Flitton

I came here with my daughter  & it was so lovely & clean & met some other volunteers who were great. Place was immaculate & cats were very well cared for & were allowed out any time. Sending my love. X

Nick Granato

Volunteered for this group for a few months. I absolutely loved it. The environment was great. The kittens and cats were allowed many hours outside. Absolutely loved it here and would go back to my usual Saturday shift.