Silver British Shorthairs


What our customers and volunteers say about us

Emily Collins - Chippenham

Chester was such a confident boy from the moment we got him home, he settled in so well quickly making himself at home. He’s been at home for a month now and we’ve had no issues at all, he has such a lovely temperament and hasn’t been fazed by anything new, he’s even enjoyed his trips to see the vets.

Chester is very loving and gentle and loves lots of cuddles. It really shows how much hard work Holly puts in to the kittens and parents before they leave.

Holly answered all questions I had very quickly even before our kitten was born, and put my mind at ease over everything.

As a first time kitten owner I couldn’t recommend Holly enough!

Charlotte Minall - Swindon

I have had a 100% positive experience with Holly, right from the start when I was researching getting a kitten and phoned her up for advice. She was helpful, extremely knowledgeable and gave me lots of good advice and tips. No pressure or sales pitch, just advice from a lady who clearly cares deeply for her cats and kittens and loves what she does. I put down a deposit and as soon as our kitten was born I got a phone call from Holly with the good news, and lots of photos and videos! We started falling in love with our kitten straight away. We also got to visit and meet our little kitten and get to know him. By the time it was the day to bring him home, our excitement was at fever pitch! Holly gave us all the documents and vet info that we needed, and reassured us that we can call on her for help or advice literally ANY time. And I believe her! She clearly has a true passion for what she does. She does everything imaginable to prepare the kittens for life out in the world, socialising them, getting them used to household sounds and litter training them. All of this work that Holly did meant that taking our kitten home was an absolute joy, and he settled in right away! He has a beautiful temperament, and absolute delight to have in our family. We can’t imagine life without him. I highly recommend Holly and her beautiful cats!

Shann Reno - London

The very famous - The Cat Games - Angie & Tommy both bred here, with 70million plus hits on tictok.

Thank you so much for providing us with the most beautiful cats Tommy & Angie! They’re our forever family. I’m glad I came back because Tommy has been absolutely amazing to be around, he’s actually PURRfect! So tempted to get another but I think I’ll spare my Dad haha! We have posted Tommy loads since having him, he’s on all of our social accounts located on this link:

Lyn Wiseman - Norwich

I have followed Holly for 3+yrs on social media. I already had a bsh silver tabby who was elderly, Charlie, who lived to 18yrs and 7mths but was a very sick kitten, obviously not from Holly. How he made one I'll never know but he was my world. I always knew I wanted another bsh as I need an indoor cat and I know they are a breed that is happy indoors. I looked at other colours such as colourpoints but knew in my heart I had to have another silver tabby. After researching I knew there was only one place I'd go to. Holly was very understanding as I am quite particular about markings. I asked for a specific Queen, and put down my deposit. Holly called to say she would not be using this queen in 2022 as she had such a big litter last year, this shows how Holly is a caring owner and ethical breeder. Always putting the cats first. She offered me this pick of a new litter as I love boys and had 4 to choose from, what a decision! Lucky but so hard to pick when so tiny, Holly assisted me with photos and I chose my kitten. Hamish couldn't be more different to Charlie, I never wanted a clone so it's good. It is so apparent how well socialised he had been in Holly's care. We've kept this up and it is obvious to all as he's so friendly. He loves his food so growing fast. Hamish is challenging us in a good way, he is so fast and intelligent, into everything, told no to some things for his safety and he comes back to try again just to check you meant it, so cheeky 🤣 He is an absolute delight and has filled the hole left behind by Charlie. A cute mischievous bundle of joy. Thankyou Holly x

Gaynor Hopkins - Solihull

A huge Thank You to Holly & her Team for my little boy Beau😻😻

Holly is an amazing breeder, she kept me informed throughout about the growth & health of Beau from birth until collection, followed up by pictures & videos of him😻😻

Holly is very informative & is contactable 24/7 for any questions that you may have.

All kittens are cared for in the home & are handled

and loved to an incredibly high standard. Fully litter trained upon collection. I have had pedigree cats all my life but this boy is undoubtably the most affectionate playful gorgeous little boy I've

ever had a and it's all down to his amazing start in life & hard work that Holly & her team have put in.

Anyone that is considering this breed of cat should look no further I trust Holly 💯.

From the very beginning I was particular with what I wanted with regards to colour, markings & personality & she didn't fail to

produce. I have the perfect little boy who we all love & adore so much😻😻

In the future I will definitely be contacting Holly again for a play mate for our adorable Beau...

Thank You Holly once again, you've been outstanding

Chris & Elizabeth Deveril - Reading

If you are looking for a Silver British Shorthair cat, look no further… Holly is first class when it comes to knowledge, experience, professionalism, caring for her cats and the overall service, if can put it like that, that she provides.

We have been lucky enough to have now had three kittens from Holly over the years and I can honestly say that Holly and her team go above and beyond every time you engage with them. Our kittens have been amazing; litter box trained, A1 condition and exactly as they should be. All our needs were accommodated too around collections, further aftercare advise etc.

I cannot recommend Holly and her team highly enough.

Zena  & Gage - Basingstoke

I cannot recommend Silver British Shorthairs and Holly enough. We have two kittens from her (each from different litters) and both are absolute angels. Their temperaments are gorgeous, they're super snuggly and just all-round amazing. We can't help but attribute this to Holly and her incredible love and attention during the first chapter of their lives. We were given updates from their birth right up until pick up and given tonnes of help regarding toys/food and equipment for the boys. Even approaching the six months mark, I still know I can turn to Holly if I need any feline advice! I'd give more than 5 stars if I could!

David Carson & Family - Middlesex

Having always wanted two silvery tabby kittens, what was paramount for me was the breeder we asked to help us and, specifically, the care and love shown by the breeder to the kittens’ parents. It took me a while to find the right breeder but in Holly, we were lucky enough to find the best there is. She cares so much about the welfare and happiness of all her cats and that shined through every step of the journey until we took our beautiful Jasper and Pipkin home with us in April of this year. They are happy, healthy and beautiful kittens which we owe to Holly and her total dedication to all of her cats and their kittens. We cannot recommend Holly highly enough, a wonderful experience from first contact, first meet up with our kittens and beyond; she’s always there if we have any questions

Becky Morgan - Swindon

Our beautiful little boy Buddy joined our family just yesterday and has already stolen mine and my children’s hearts! He has settled in amazingly and the high level of love, care and professionalism given in breeding him shines through in his instant confidence and patience with the children. He is incredibly sociable already and has to be one of the cuddliest kittens I’ve ever met. We are all well and truly smitten and can safely say he was 100% worth the wait! 💙

Kat & Michael Worman - Sussex

We had a lovely experience getting our kitten from Holly. She was available throughout for any queries or questions and we have a wonderful kitten with a beautiful temperament. The more settled she gets, the cheekier she becomes! Everyone loves her already and she is a bundle of fun! Overall, I can’t recommend Holly and her kittens enough!

Victoria Ferres - London

I’ve had Charlotte for over a year now and whilst I’m definitely biased, she is just the most beautiful and playful cat. Holly is an amazing breeder - super thoughtful, caring and communicative. After losing my previous cat, Holly dealt with all my queries and concerns with such patience and grace - it was so reassuring to have such an approachable and knowledgeable breeder 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Emma Parker - Northampton

I had my boy Bumble from Holly. I’ve had many cats over the years and in particular love the BSH. I always wanted a silver tabby and did my research before purchasing. Holly is the most loving and caring breeder I have met. The attention and care she puts into her cats is second to none. My boy is not only a gorgeous looking cat he has a temperament to die for. He is so loving and mischievous at times! He is a real joy to have. I would not hesitate in recommending this breeder. If you want a well socialised, cared for, quality kitten look no further than silver British shorthairs

Cerys & Paul Hopkirk - Berkshire

Holly is truly an outstanding breeder who cares immensely for the well-being of her Queens and Studs. We registered in November and got our gorgeous bundles of fluff mid-April - she is incredibly popular and the wait can feel agonisingly long, but her kittens are most definitely worth the wait. I couldn’t believe how well trained they were - they knew exactly how to use the litter tray, they haven’t destroyed any items of furniture (yet) and they love to be held, stroked and they occasionally want to sit on our laps. Holly is always on the other end of the phone or email for advise. We are all so glad that we decided to wait for Holly’s kittens rather than go anywhere else, as these kittens/cats will be in our lives for a very long time. If I could give more to an 5 stars I would.

Lisa & Mike Summerfield - Wiltshire

We have only had Cosmo for less than a week and he has settled in so well, hes such a gorgeous, gentle boy and we all love him to bits. I cant recommend Holly enough, her love for all her kittens really shines through.

Ivelina Nilsson & Daughter Annie

A big thanks to Silver British Shorthiars for our amazing kitten. He's quickly become a part of the family and is very loving, friendly and absolutely adorable. Our daughter is really happy its a dream come true for her and they have become inseperable. We are absolutely delighted we chose Silver British Shorthairs who were great with communications through and through and ultimately made it possible for us to have our wonderfully confident and happy kitten.

The Relationship between Annie & Silkie is simply beautiful, please follow them by clicking the link below.

Emma & Paul Torevell - Oxfordshire

Dear Holly, we just wanted to say how delightful Lincoln is. He's been such a joy, from the moment we picked him up from you. He settled like a dream and has obviously been really well handled and house trained by you. He is such an affectionate character - we are sure he thinks hes a dog! He loves chasing footballs and comes when you whistle. He loves a cuddle too. Our experience has been great from first contact to pick up and any after queries. We would highly recommend Holly and Silver British Shothairs.

Rachael Harrold - Northampton

We got Rocco from Holly in November 2021. We originally went to Holly because we wanted to make sure our new cats health and well-being was a priority from birth. We also wanted to make sure our new cat would adapt well to our busy family home. Rocco’s nature is very loving, friendly (all the kids in our street love him and he loves getting fuss from them!) and gentle. He immediately slotted well into our family, including children and our pet dog!

Communication with Holly has been amazing, from from our first enquiries, to updates on our baby Rocco growing, and responding to queries once he had joined our family. We recently made contact with Holly (when Rocco was 9 months old) for health prevention tips and advice, after the loss of our other pet. Holly was so compassionate and also really responsive and sensitive when offering advice. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting a healthy, gentle and loving new fur-family member. Thank you so much Holly for our beautiful Rocco, we absolutely adore him!

Leonie Tichy - Dorset

Holly and her team of volunteers are amazing at what they do. I now have 2 beautiful cats from her and the care and attention lavished on them from an early age shines through as they get a bit older. Mine are 2 years apart in age and are the best of friends. Thank you Holly for helping me out the first time around when I’d lost my cat and knew I needed another in my life! I chat about Holly and her cats to anyone who will listen so would 100% recommend her.

Christie Cauvin - Yorkshire

We adore our silver tabby Gus. He's a wonderful cat and a lovely addition to our family. Absolutely couldn't be without him! Thank you Holly for a beautiful cat 🐈 😻

You can follow this beautiful boy at the link below

Sarah Mansion - Cheltenham

We have a fabulous, well socialised kitten and this is all credit to the dedication of Holly and her volunteers. It is always nerve wracking getting a kitten from a breeder for the first time, and even more so as Coronavirus meant we wouldn’t be able to meet the breeder or kitten until the day we picked him up. However, by speaking to Holly I felt re-assured, We were kept informed of our kitten’s progress via text, photos and videos which was wonderful and we felt that we knew him by the time we picked him up. Holly was very good at responding speedily to texts and emails. This has been a wonderful experience, our kitten eats well is clean and very confident and is such a character. We absolutely adore him. He has only been with us for for nine days and I truly know the meaning of the saying that ‘cats have staff!’ I will definitely be getting another kitten from Holly (if he lets me!)

Ps. Our gorgeous, handsome kitten Beau is now almost two and we completely adore him. He is the most active and playful kitten we have had and keeps us entertained. He makes a game out of anything: a leaf, a bit of cat litter and it’s always interesting to see what he thinks of next! It’s been hard to choose which photos to share, I have got so many because he is so photogenic!

Sonia & Matt Bradbrook - Gloucestershire

We’ve had Misty (aka Misty-Hope!) for a couple of weeks and she has settled in so well. She may be small, but she is very healthy and has a huge character! We love how affectionate and playful she is 😊

We are all so grateful to Holly and her team for the massive amount of work that has gone into her due to her low birth weight. We feel so protective of her and she is a treasured member of our family 🥰

Elaine & Jim Snowden - Swindon

I have been a volunteer at the cattery a year now and on Thursday my dreams came true and I brought my own kitten “Monty” home with me. I have watched and been part of the amazing team who love and dedicate their time in helping Holly raise the most beautiful and well adjusted kittens. I couldn’t be happier with Monty he’s funny lively and oh so cuddly and settled into our family life so quickly. Thank you to Holly and the team for raising such an adorable kitten

Janey de Nordwall - Knoydar

Published author Janey took to the open road in a campervan with our beautiful boy named Kenny P!

Ruth & Alun Evans - Chippenham

We bought our two cats Alfie and Charlie from Holly nearly three years ago. They have brought us such pleasure especially throughout lock down.

They came to us litter trained, vaccinated and healthy.

If you are looking for a silver tabby I can thoroughly recommend Holly and her business.

Mark Regan MBE & Maria Regan - Bristol

Mark & Maria loved Pursy so much that thier daughter came to us to buy her very own kitten Bertie

Rita Greenway - Cardiff

What a wonderful exciting experience for me and my family! Holly and her team are highly professional from the get go! I am an inexperienced ‘cat’ person as I’ve always had dogs. However, due to Chronic illness my puppy dog days are too far away yet and I have yearned and missed having a pet after losing our dog a couple of years ago. I began my research knowing I wanted a British Shorthair and decided upon Hollie and her beautiful cats. Holly was able to guide me in the aspects of her breed and I found her Facebook page so helpful. We have now had “ Enzo” a week and wow! What an amazing, joyful week it has been !! His mummy “Malibu” has no doubt been an incredibly, kind, loving and gentle role mother to her kittens. ENZO is so bright and generous with his affection, with just the right amount of mischief and boy does he learn fast! He’s super with his toilet, and has slept through every night since his arrival. A most well adjusted kitten which is an obvious reflection on the care and attention they are given by Holly and her team. Thanks a million Holly...

Judith & Ray Falding - Worcestershire

We came across Holly via the Pets4Homes website. As soon as we made contact, we knew we’d made the right choice. Holly engaged with us immediately and kept us fully updated throughout the process and we can’t recommend her highly enough. Once the kittens were born, it was lovely to watch them grow and develop via periodic videos posted on Holly’s website from one day old until we picked up our boy. Holly’s set up and her attention to detail is second to none and the kittens are both beautiful and very healthy. Our Silver Tabby boy is a real delight. When we picked him up, Holly gave us all his pedigree information, family history and confirmation of 4 weeks free PetPlan cover. He arrived fully litter trained so we haven’t experienced any little accidents around the house. He’s happy, playful, confident, fearless, curious, a very fast learner and has been very affectionate from day one. If you want a beautiful Silver Tabby kitten, you won’t do better than to choose Holly

Christie Hughes - Berkshire

Would love to thank Holly for the time and effort she puts into her kittens. I got Eddie nearly a year ago now and he has turned into the most loveliest boy with a great personality. He gets on well with the dog, loves a good cuddle and he’s entertaining. Would recommend Holly no doubt about it Xx

Olga Cecchetti - London

Little Luna has been with us for a week now, and is a wonderful addition to our family, she has brightened our home and made a great companion to our Scottish fold Maleficent.

Luna has a healthy appetite and is very playful and friendly. Thank you Holly for being so wonderful during the “adoption” process, and thank you for answering all my questions and putting me at ease.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for unique, beautiful, healthy kittens!

Luna is a perfect beautifully girl

Thank you

Charlene Borg - Sailsbury

We got our boy 5 years ago now and the service/updates from Holly, and the cats' facilities, were great. Would definitely recommend this breeder as they truly do care for all their cats.

Esther O'Neil - Gloucestershire

Holly is an exceptional person who made it quite clear from our very first conversation that the health and well being of her cats and kittens always come first.

I was impressed with her website and instagram page showing and talking through all aspects of her premises and the way in which mothers and kittens are monitored and cared for from birth to leaving to their for ever homes.

As a customer I was regularly kept informed with messages, photos and videos of the kittens progress from birth right through to their final week before being handed over to go to their for ever home.

Holly was always available to discuss any issues or concerns regarding the kittens.

I am delighted with our sibling kittens who are absolutely stunning, confident and full of character at such a young early age.

I would highly recommend Holly as an excellent breeder. Her kittens are truly wonderful and a credit to all the hard work from her and her dedicated team of helpers.

Fiona Rann - Bristol

I contacted Holly at Silver British Shorthairs because I wanted the best quality kitten with great breeding, and I was not disappointed!

Savannah is absolutely beautiful, she is confident, laid back and has fitted in so well with the family.

Holly and her team of volunteers are so passionate about what they do. The cattery is immaculate and the cats have everything they could possibly need. They literally live in the lap of luxury!

When you take your kitten home, the great care doesn’t end there, Holly is there for help and advice whenever you need her. She has many years of experience and is extremely knowledgeable

Gemma Brooks - Birmingham

Where do I start... right from the very moment I liked Holly’s page I knew she was the breeder for us. I’ve never seen such beautiful cats & kittens. From day one Holly kept us updated on how our kitten was doing as well as his Mommy & siblings. We have so many gorgeous photos & videos taken by Holly to cherish forever 🧡

This lady does not breed for an income, Holly has passion, is so hard working & doesn’t have enough hours in the day as she puts her heart into loving these precious babies.

We can’t thank you enough for trusting us to have one of your beautiful kittens & we will love him forever... I will always follow what you do Holly & I’m in awe of your incredible work & professionalism. A 1000 stars from us... thank you xxxx ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Michelle Moore - Manchester

We picked little Izzy up yesterday & really can not believe how confident & loving she is. We have all fallen in complete love with her. I can’t thank Holly enough for letting us have one of her beautiful babies. Holly & her team are incredible at what they do & I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a kitten.

Julie Hopkins - Swindon

I have had my lovely boy nearly 2 weeks now. Holly kept me updated, the cattery is amazing and all the cats and kittens are well looked after. Highly recommended!

Michael Goubran - Epson

Thank you so much Holly for all your help and advice with Lily, the whole experience has been brilliant, Lily is such a gorgeous kitten, intelligent, playful, sociable and a lovely calming companion. The love, care and attention you give your kittens is highly commendable and your support has been terrific.

Sonia & Anthony Brunsdon - Calne

Holly breeds excellent kittens. Not only are the visually stunning, but also their personalities. We had two babies from Holly, our boy (Frank) & our little girl (Sybil). Both are so loving & outgoing. They love each other & also any visitors we have. Which we find unusual. Normally cats can be a bit off hand with strangers, not these two. They just take it all in their stride. I can’t recommend Holly’s kittens enough. I know for certain if we decide to have more, she is the breeder I would contact & happily wait for one of hers. Sadly we lost our old BSH a couple of weeks ago. They can’t replace him, but they sure have made it easier. They are actually much more affectionate than he ever was. Testament once again to Holly & her helpers.

Tom & Julia Bellhouse - Oxfordshire

Holly and her team have been excellent throughout the whole process, from the very first email until the collection day. When you go to the cattery you feel like all the cats and kittens are being really looked after.

We picked up our girl yesterday and couldn't be more delighted. She is a gorgeous little creature: very lively and affectionate. She'd already been litter trained so we had no problems at all. We want to thank Holly and the team for being so thorough, attentive and helpful. Our girl settled into her new home very well. We highly recommend Silver British Shorthairs! Tom and Julia x

Rachel Witts - Swindon

Firstly we would just like to say a massive thank you to Holly and her team you are amazing! The whole experience from the beginning has been a dream! Kodi is the second kitten we have had from Holly and she is absolutely beautiful! Both kittens have their own amazing personalities, Kodi is mischievous and melts my heart and makes me smile everyday she is the perfect addition to our family 😻

The love and commitment you show to each and every cat and kitten is amazing and the way you adapted to Covid 19 shows what passion you have and how much love you have for each and every cat and kitten. Our new additions to our family is perfect and a credit to you and your team

Holly you are amazing and definitely born to breed British Shorthairs! You are always there to give advise and support and nothing is ever to much trouble! You have done so much for us and I would definitely recommend you! I would always come to you if I wanted to extend my kitten family! thank you 💕

Helen Fisher - London

We spent years considering and looking for a kitten to welcome into our home. We finally settled on a kitten from Holly and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. Holly is very conscientious and has been communicative throughout the whole process. She has a wonderful set up for her cats and kittens. Her, and her volunteers passion clearly shines through.

We’ve been kept up to date with news, pictures and videos the whole time and are delighted with the new addition to our family. Loki arrived with us this week, he has such a wonderful character and is a real handsome fella. Our three year old adores him too and I’m certain they’ll be lifelong friends!

Thank you Holly and your wonderful team! 🐱

Emma Pearce - Oxford

I collect my two stunning kittens willow and daisy in October! they have settled in very well, they are well worth waiting for,the markings on them are stunning there very loving kittens and there characters are starting to come out and they love to play, I would recommend holly to anyone that is looking for loving kittens she’s amazing, from the start to the finish she was there on hand for advice if needed, She went though the whole process with me specially under the circumstances things was a little different, she went well out of her way to make things as easier as possible, always on hand at anytime, and very easy to talk too and professional at the same time,you can tell how much she loves and cares about her cats and kittens,which what makes a excellent breeder! Thank you for letting us have two of your stunning kittens to join are family x

Mike & Lisa Summerfield - Chippenham

We have only had Cosmo for less than a week and he has settled in so well, hes such a gorgeous, gentle boy and we all love him to bits. I cant recommend Holly enough, her love for all her kittens really shines through.

Louise Beetham - Cornwall

We spent a long time searching for a silver tabby British shorthair. Holly’s website and facebook page is impressive and shows how stunning her cats are and the kittens they produce. The entire set up is 5-star; an incredibly passionate and knowledgeable breeder who clearly gives so much to her cats and kittens with an amazing home to match. These are lucky cats indeed and these kittens really do have the best start to life .

We reserved a kitten without hesitation and soon we received the news that we had a kitten from Chablis litter. Holly has been excellent at keeping us updated with messages, photos and videos throughout. It has been such an exciting journey to watch our little kitten grow and despite COVID-19 Holly has worked tirelessly to ensure we are kept updated and informed and ready for our new addition.

It’s very clear that the cats health and well-being are top priority. The level of monitoring, love, care and attention they receive is quite remarkable and the effort that goes into these kittens is incredible.

Arlo has been with us just a few days and already settled in to family life like a dream. Happy, affectionate, confident and full of character, well socialised and litter trained. All of this is because of Holly, her team (and Chablis of course!)

Thank you, Holly, for being such a responsible, professional breeder and for being such a nice person to deal with. Your cats and the kittens you raise are a credit to you and your team of helpers. We thank you so much for allowing us to give Arlo a forever home.

If you are looking for a beautiful, well socialised, happy kitten then look no further. I highly recommend Holly and her gorgeous cats. In my opinion these are the best British Shorthair silver tabbies you will find.

Sara Talbot - Wiltshire

We have had our beautiful kitten Klaus for almost a month now and couldn’t be happier with him. He settled in so quickly even though the house can be a little noisy at times with four boys! Klaus just fits right in he loves exploring the house, watching the boys play and just generally being around us all! I would absolutely recommend purchasing a kitten from Holly, Klaus is stunning and has a wonderful temperament.

Although we had to wait a little while for Klaus it was totally worth it and Holly has been brilliant at answering any questions. Totally recommend Silver British Shorthairs, great breeder, beautiful cats!

Lisa Darby - Wiltshire

Holly and the Team are fantastic. From the very start Holly was always there to answer questions and help. We were so excited when the kittens were born and Holly kept us up to date with their progress and made sure we had regular videos. Pick up day was very easy and the kittens are beautiful. Teddy and Dougal are healthy, gorgeous and full of mischief. We adore them. I’d strongly recommend Silver British Shorthairs.

Anna Spellman - Reading

In 2020 we bought a kitten from Holly and were over the moon to bring home our healthy, well adjusted, litter trained, Leo. He has become an integral part of our family. Highly recommend!

Karina Beck - Oxfordshire

Our little boy settled in very quickly, and is so patient with our loud excitable toddler, perfect addition to the family. And it was lovely to have a breeder happy to answer my questions both before and after we'd brought him home.

Jen Kam - Bristol

We got our baby girl a couple weeks ago and we have been obsessing over her the entire time since. She is the most gorgeous, sweet natured little thing and has settled in quickly without any problems whatsoever, which is testimony to how well she has been bred and brought up by Holly and co before. Holly’s service has been top notch and I would not hesitate to recommend one of her kittens or indeed get another one myself. Thank you for our little treasure!

Jan Leoning - London

Well worth the wait!

After months of patiently waiting, I received my kitten and it’s almost as if he wants to make up for all the time we’ve been apart! Required virtually no adjustment period, settled in very quickly like he’s always lived here, has the healthiest appetite, and is absolutely in love with his new humans. He even befriended my older, cranky British blue in less than 24 hours! I want to know what magic Holly and the team are using because these are, without a doubt, the most well-adjusted kittens in the country

Mark Hazlewood - Yorkshire

It's over 4 years since we got our lovely boy Max from Holly. From first contact, I could tell she was very knowledgeable, passionate and caring. We travelled nearly 3 hours to see her setup. The cattery (if you can call it that), is more like a 5 star hotel for cats. They have everything they require and then some, she has put some serious time, effort and money into making the cattery the best it could possibly be. The cats are so well looked after it instantly puts you at ease when you arrive. Picking up Max was made so easy and Holly went through everything thoroughly and answered any and all questions we had. We were kept informed throughout and had constant updates and pictures. We would without a doubt recommend Holly to anyone thinking of getting a British short hair.

Carolyn Montgomery - London

We bought our kitten from Holly approx. 5 years ago and it was the best purchase ever and worth every penny. Our cat has the sweetest, most calm and affectionate temperament ever, which I accept is partly down to nurture but I believe his nature comes from his breeding line and his early weeks in Holly’s care. He is also absolutely stunning and that is completely down to his pedigree. I’d recommend Holly and her cattery in a heartbeat.